Now accepting new clients for editing services!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English
  • Traditionally published author
  • Editing experience working with literary agents as well as published authors
  • Wide-ranging document editing and proofreading for schools and nonprofits

Manuscript Review

A comprehensive review of your book to ready it for querying or publication. I will reflect on the plot, the character’s voice, consistency of details, and clarity and efficiency of writing, If your book does not need developmental edits, I’ll focus on line edits and readability. I’ll provide a written overview as well as detailed in-text comments.

Flat Rate:
$650 MG/55K words or less
$800 YA Adult/55K words or more

Professional Document Review

A thorough edit for structure and clarity as well as grammar, spelling, and typographical errors for smaller documents like articles, grants, and essays. I will provide detailed in-text comments and tracked changes.

Flat Rate:

$75 up to 10 pages