Now accepting new clients for editing services!

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English
  • Extensive work on various manuscripts
  • Editing experience working with literary agents as well as published authors
  • Wide-ranging document editing and proofreading for schools and nonprofits

Manuscript Critique

A comprehensive review of your book where I will reflect on the plot, the character’s voice, consistency of details, and clarity of writing. I’ll give you an overview as well as offer in-text comments.

Manuscript Line Edit/CopyEdit/Proof

A detailed review of your book where I will evaluate sentence structure and clarity, grammar, spelling, and typographical errors.

Manuscript Critique & Edit

If you are interested in both a manuscript critique and an edit, we’ll do the critique first. The edit will come after you’ve had time to address the critique, and come at a great deal.

Professional Review

A thorough edit for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors for smaller documents like advertisements or grant applications. May include comments on sentence structure and will probably include notes on clarity.


1000 words
(4,000 word minimum)


1000 words
(4,000 word minimum)


1000 words
(for both critique & edit)


Per page
(4 page minimum)